Friday, 18 July 2014

Blisters No More

Summer is here and as some of you who follow me on twitter may know so are my dreaded blisters! I have the most ridiculously sensitive skin on my feet, even in shoes that seem as soft as melting butter my feet end up covered in blisters. This year I am yet again on the hunt for a pair of shoes that are comfortable and do not rub half my skin off!

I recently came across Spartoo in the Blogosphere and I have been searching for that elusive perfect pair. While I might be dreaming about shoes that look like this

My poor back and feet are screaming No at me and demanding I be sensible. In a bid to not end up in a Weird Al Yankovic parody for wearing socks and sandals! it is possibly time for me to make some more sensible summer choices without compromising on my style.

I am thinking maybe a pair of awesome Vans, it has been a while since I have had a pair and they were always so comfy!

I want a pair that will loo good with both jeans and dresses, something like these ones maybe?

Cute, functional and I can wear socks!

Also loving sandals but they need to be super comfy!

I will keep dreaming about ones like this!

Do you have any recommendations for a perfect pair of summer shoes?


Friday, 4 July 2014

Lust List!

I am on a spending ban, not through choice but because there are some big changes afoot in the Lilybobomb household and we need to be extra careful with our money this month. This means that I am obsessively scouring the online shops for all the things I want but can't buy! I like to punish myself.

Yours clothing has quite a few bits I am lusting after this week

I know kimonos are everywhere and they do seem to be having a marmite moment amongst fashion bloggers but I love them, I like how light they are and they do look great with so many things. The colours of this one from yours are beautiful!

I can't believe how much my feelings towards trousers are changing, and I love the simplicity of these cuffed harem trousers, I think these would be amazing throughout summer and great for transitioning into the autumn months.

Dorothy Perkins is on my radar too again, it has been a while since I really loved anything, but there are always a few pieces I love.

I need more skirts in my life, I have become quite safe over the last few years and stuck with dresses, which while gorgeous become a bit boring after a while I am craving some separates! This gingham skirt is great,  I would love a gingham circle skirt but this is more practical for every day wear.

Junarose is a little obsession of mine at the moment, and I will one ay soon be adding some of their gorgeous items to my wardrobe!

I love the simplicity of this jumpsuit it looks easy to wear and it looks like it would sit in the right position on my waist! LOVE!

Evans and Scarlett and Jo are killing my will power this week!
First the made me obsess over the stunning prom dresses and now they are making me even more obsessed with the prom skirts! I love that they would look just as gorgeous in the day as in the evening for a night out. Perfection!

Simply be are always a go to brand for me and I have been loving their spring summer offerings.

I have been on the look out for a simple jersey maxi for a while one I can fling on with canvas shoes and head out shopping without a huge amount of gaffing around. This one fits the bill perfectly!

Have you got your eye on anything at the moment, share you finds in the comments if you fancy it, I love to window shop.