Sunday, 21 September 2014

Looking fabulous in Firmoo

Hello to my lovely readers, so sorry for such a long delay in coming back life has been kind of crazy recently. Things are finally coming together and I will tell you all about it in a few post very soon.

Even though things have been crazy and this post is very very overdue I have at least looked fabulous during it all thanks to the lovely team at Firmoo who let me choose a gorgeous pair of glasses to review in my prescription.

There is so much to choose from it was a really tough decision but it was well worth it as I love my glasses and live in them. Sadly in the time it has taken to get organised the pair I chose are no longer on the site that I can find but I will show you how cute they are and the others that I really loved and still want to order.

I have to apologise or the picture quality, I have some gorgeous photos on my camera but my cable for getting them off has vanished so to stop any more delays I have used the ones off my phone for now and will add my camera ones as soon as I have access to a cable again.

I am honestly madly in love with these frames I love the reds and the shape suits me, I don't feel overpowered in them.

Firmoo offer so many frames and it is difficult not to just add the entire catalogue to this post but I will try to whittle it down a bit.
I love the shape and colour of these frames.

I love these so much they are green which makes them perfect and they are tortoise shell which is another bonus.

I tend to gravitate towards rectangular frames as they work well with my face shape, these are very cute I love the brighter tones within the tortoise shell pattern.

Firmoo prices are excellent and they offer many different options for the lenses to be thinned and for coatings all that you would expect from an opticians these add to the overall cost of the frames, you need your full prescription from you recent eye test and also your pupillary distance which you can ask your optician to give you I called and requested mine and picked it up the same day.

There is a flash sale on right now but I am not sure how long it lasts or what the terms and conditions are so take a look HERE if it is still going. 


*These glasses were provided for this review free of charge but all views and opinions are my own.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Almost Lost It!

Wow, Life has been really quite hectic recently and I am so sorry it has been a while since I last posted.

Everything has been very exciting and incredibly stressful the last few weeks as we have moved house, we found out on Wednesday 13th that we would be moving house on the 16th and had so much to do, to be ready to go. It was a nightmare but we made it! unfortunately we ended up being without internet until yesterday due to a mess up with our installation date, this has meant a longer than expected hiatus from the blog.

I did also have a near disaster, I almost lost my blog address as without internet connection I didn't realise my payment hadn't renewed although I am planing on a slight name change I still want to keep this address as so many people have it and I can still redirect people from it to mine. managed to renew it today so it is all safe now!

I am back though and my planned update for the blog is underway I also have a few gorgeous review pieces to show you which I will get up this coming week there and Glasses, LBD's and an amazing skirt to show you which are going to be my staple outfit pieces this coming autumn.

My blog also sneaked past its 3rd anniversary while all the craziness was going on so I am hoping to celebrate that as soon as I get the new layout all sorted. 

I hope your all well, those who are still reading thank you for staying with me, I promise to be better now I am in a happy place and have a decent internet connection again. 

Everyone at Plus North this weekend have an amazing time, I am so sad I couldn't make it again this year, moving became the financial priority but I am coming next year even if it kills me!