Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mens Clothing - Jacamo Review


Flintoff Jeans and Ben Sherman longer length shirt review

My husband has been watching me blog for these past 6 months and began to think, it isn't just women who struggle with plus clothing and he has the added hassle of being tall, so he asked if I would show some of the clothing he buys to show what there is to offer. 

After chatting with the lovely charlotte of Simply Be she suggested I talk to Jacamo about reviewing some menswear for them, we knew the name, but hadn't really looked at the before, but Marc was very happily surprised by the clothing on offer, he is my monkey man with a long body and arms and not so long legs for a 6'2" man.

Jacamo have jeans starting  from a 34inch waist and go up to a 56inch waist in lengths 29 to 36inches, the also do tops up to 5XL.

One of his biggest problems is jeans, he finds on the high street if the do stock his size he cant get them up his legs and if he gets the size for his legs then the waist is far too big, the other issue is length, most shops stock 3o, 32 and 34 inch lengths, but Marc has a 33 inch leg length so a 32 means ankle swingers and a 34 means ripped jeans.
His other big issue is shirts, a standard length shirt means he has to roll the sleeves up as down they are usually too short, we can get longer lengths in some dress shirts from the high street, but not often a more casual shirt for a day out of just for general wear.

Above is an example of a casual high street shirt, he loves the colour but this is his arm raised about 12inches from his side, if he goes any higher the cuff strains so much it pops the button, so not a good length for him.

Jacamo asked him to select a pair of jeans and a shirt from the site, whilst looking he saw that they had a new range becoming available from Freddie Flintoff, and whilst he isn't a huge sports fan he loved the look of the clothing on offer. 
He originally chose a pair of Jeans and a longer length shirt from the range but the shirt was not yet available so he went for a pair of jeans from the Flintoff Range and a longer length shirt from Ben Sherman.

The Jeans.

The Jeans he chose were the Flintoff by Jacamo Jean  33" length, the fact the did a 33 inch leg was a huge selling point for him, he also loved the Colour which is called Denim Blue but it isn't your usual blue for a pair of jeans it is a bit darker.

When they arrived the fit was lovely, and a great length, but he decided he wanted to wear and wash them a couple of times to give as good a review as possible, and this is what Marc had to say - 

They are very comfortable even after they have just been washed, and after a couple of wears, and the rarely need ironing, even straight from the clothes horse, the colour has also stayed nice and dark, the pockets are great nice and deep wallet feels secure in them.
They have a button fly but they aren't too stiff as I have found with some jeans, and they don't go saggy after a couple of wears, I plan on trying some of the Flintoff cargo trousers to see if the quality of them is as good as my other pairs.

So as you can see he likes them, here are some photos of them on.

For the Shirt he went for the Ben Sherman Long Sleeve Check Shirt Long in Olive it arrived and the colour was really nice, it fitted well and looked really nice on, it also looks great tucked into jeans and with a jumper on top to smarten it up.

Marc said - It makes a nice change to find a casual looking shirt in a longer length, its nice to lift up my arms without having to unbutton the sleeves or have them rolled up all the time so I don't look like I am wearing my sons shirt. Just need to persuade Mhairi to order me the red one now too!

My Iron decided to stop working so the shirt was really rather creased in the pictures from today as you can see below

But I do have a dodgy phone picture from tonight when it was ironed :) 

And as you see it has great length in the arms, even when he holds his arms out straight.

He looks pretty good to me, I dont mind being seen in public with him :) 

Go take a look at Jacamo, we were very impressed! x

Marc and Mhairi


  1. Great post!! I'm sure lots of chaps will find it most useful!! xxx

  2. Excellent point and great post. ^^d
    Your hubby looks great! b^^d

    My hubster is bigger
    than average Japanese men
    (wide shoulders from swimming etc)
    so sometimes he struggles
    to find the perfect fit jeans and shirts.
    He prefers western clothes so I`m always
    bringing him shirts from my trips. XD


    1. Thank you, think he thought that if it bothers him, it must bother others :)

  3. great post, and he's right, men do struggle with clothes as much as women dad was plus size, so I've grown up being aware that men dont have it any easier! That being said, these clothes look fab, and as its a Simply Be brother, I'd imagine not bad on the old cost front either.