Saturday, 10 March 2012

Collection challenge

Recently the lovely Kathryn of MissKathryn's MissTakes asked us if we fancied joining her in the challenge to show our collections be it items from 1 brand, dresses, shoes, just a little insight into our personalities and what we obsess over!

I decided to join in and my first collection is just a small portion or my obsession, it is not fashion related and is something I have loved since I was about 3!


For as long as I can remember I have loved reading, but when I hit secondary school I really became obsessed, I was put into the lowest english groups because I struggled with spelling and grammar, they couldn't work out how such a avid reader couldn't spell, sometimes even simple words, it wasn't until my GCSE's that my then english teacher asked if I was dyslexic, and I still didn't get any help till I went to college, but I digress, the first collection I am going to show you is my passion for horror books, this started when I was about 11 and fell in love with point horror books, I very quickly progressed to stealing my mums copies of Stephen King books she had in the house and my obsession began.

So many people bash King for not being intellectual enough and the books being simple, but do you know what screw people like that I read books that I love, not to make me look clever or cool in the eyes of friends and commuters.

King makes me happy!

I have many other authors I love not all horror either, including Dean Koontz, Jasper Fforde, Raymond E Feist, but I love buying books so my collection can get ridiculous, I don't often donate books as I read them over and over, but I do buy my paper backs from charity shops as I destroy them :)

Here is my King collection, I have read almost every book he has written and own nearly all of them too, a some are missing from here that I have lent out, and some are in storage boxes so the official collection is quite a bit bigger.

Excuse the Dodgy pink sofa :) it was given to us to replace our awful old uncomfortable ones!

I read my paperbacks so many times that by the time I am ready to replace them they are falling apart

the next 2 pictures show The Stand and IT which I am on 3rd or 4th copies of these ones have been read at least 6 times each now.

I call them well loved!

My biggest love of all his books are his Dark Tower series I waited years between books to finish the collection and squealed with joy when I found out his new book in this series will be release in April and that they are hoping to make a TV adaption and a film of it!

I have the comics and hard back graphic novel versions too!

Well that is one of my obsessions out in the open, my whole collection of books may have to be dragged out at some point! 

Quite a few other Gorgeous bloggers are joining in the fun and showing us some of their obsessions go take a look at these too!



  1. Such a shame you didn't get the help you needed with your dyselxia at a young age. I don't think the school system has changed so much, from my experience it seems like you have to make a lot of fuss and noise to get any sort of help. Anyway, I'm glad it never detered your love of reading - so what if it's Stephen King or Mills & Boon (remember those) reading is reading. xXx

    1. oh it has never bothered me, but I hate people who knock you down by insulting your choice of reading material, I have had people say oh you must be dumb to only read King, but I dont only read him, I love all kind of books, he is just my pleasure :) I had read every book on my school gcse reading list for all levels before the end of the first half term but wasn't allowed to do anything with them as they were above my level, grrr, we are fighting for my step son at school we know he is dyslexic, but they still wont give a definite answer, but they have been good, he has a statement so he gets a scribe to help him and other stuff too.

  2. A lot of my friends are King-lovers, and they really try to get me to read him, but I just haven't had the time nor the drive to actually start on horror. I also heard that his earlier works are much better than his later/latest ones. Do you recommend a particular one I should start with?
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

    1. ooohh, I love his short stories, they are a good way to see if you can get on with his writting style, all his books are great, but just after the sunset is fab, its his 5th short stories book. xx

  3. Such an fantastic collection! I could have easily joined in with a 'look at my very large collection of Chick Lit' but I try to pretend it doesnt exist! But it fills my heart with joy to see someone that loves books and reading so much, no matter what the genre or author!!

    1. Thank you hun, i don't care if you read chick lit or any other reading is fantastic and I love it!! x