Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Toft Luxury Knitting Kit - Review

Every day I recieve around 100-150 emails related to my blog, most of them are mail shops from PR companies and are irrelevant to my blog, but when the lovely Felicity popped a mail shot out regarding the Toft range I was intrigued. My blog will be having an overhaul over the new year and will be coming back in the new year with a refreshing new look and hopefully more content that I feel confident and happy that my readers will want to see, so this was perfect.

My wonderful Granny taught me to knit when I was little and used to spend most of my 6 weeks school holiday in Yorkshire visiting with her and my granddad, but as I got older I lost interest and forgot that I could do it, but in the last 10 years of so on and off I have had a try and enjoyed it, last year I signed up to a knitting magazine and fell in love with it all over again, this year I have knitted so many of my families christmas presents and they have turned out pretty well so far.

Toft offer some seriously luxurious yarns that are just stunning, they feel amazing, I am very fussy about wool and there are quite a few that I just cant touch due to the texture honestly freaking me out a little bit! but not the Toft yarns.
The kit is perfect for a Christmas gift for a knitting lover!

The kit I received was the lovely Beehive hat, which rather fabulous as you can see!
This is aimed at a beginner knitter and uses circular needles, I have not used circular needles before so it might be a disaster, but I am going to watch a few trusty you tube videos to get the hang of it first.

This is what I received in the kit.

I love the cute little button, the post card has the pattern for you to follow on the back, and that pom pom is possible the softest thing I have ever touched in my life!

So that is the kit I will be back over the weekend hopefully to show you the completed hat and to let you know how I got on, so keep and eye out.

Head over to the Toft Yarns website for a look around, they have some amazing kits including scarves, gloves toys and much much more, I an hoping to try some of the other kits in the future.
I m in love with this little guy.

You can find him HERE.

Do let me know if crafting posts are of interest to you guys as I am trying to turn my blog into a more rounded page with more about me and my loves, and this is a big one of mine.


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