Monday, 19 May 2014

Dear Kate Review

This post is a little different from my usual posts and will talk about lady gardens and Periods so if thats not your thing you can move on from this one.

Dear Kate recently came onto my radar and I was so impressed by their products I knew I had to let my readers know about them, and received a pair from them to try out. If like me you have to resort to the dreaded Period knickers every month these are for you! No more scaling the dregs of the knicker draw to find pairs we don't mind ruining or that are already stained by our monthly cycle.
Dear Kate have been designed by chemical engineer Julie Sygiel, who decided that there had to be a better way, the technology behind the underwear is currently patent pending but it is beautifully soft, wicking, stain releasing, and leak-resistant, meaning no more period disasters and for ladies who suffer from leaking urine it is perfect. Head on over to the Dear mates website HERE to find out more about the technology it really is fascinating.

One of the things about Dear Kates that I really do love is how beautiful they are, they a pretty stylish and comfortable, a long way from the usual big period knickers I usually resort to. They come beautifully packaged, and while the price tag is more than I would usually pay for knickers I have to say after wearing them on my heaviest cycle day and them washing perfectly with no staining I would be more than happy to invest in more pairs.

Queen Size Rosa Brief Mini

They do look gorgeous on! The model is stunning!
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The price may be a bit steep for some and it is likely out of my price range, but I want to try to order myself more as soon as I can and will likely go round flashing my knickers to everyone I know telling them how fab they are!

They also offer a sorts range which are amazing! but at the moment it ends at an XL I hope they extend there sizes as exercising is one of the times we are most likely to leak! the range that does go to a 3X is gorgeous, I just hope they offer some sexier options soon, as I know some plus ladies like to wear a thong or smaller styles.

I honestly would recommend these to every woman, I am in love!


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