Friday, 30 May 2014

Dressing for my Fibromyalgia

Firbromyalgia has ruled my life for the last year and for most of that time I had no clue what was causing me so much constant pain. It has affected my hands and feet quite seriously and has made some items of clothing nearly impossible for me to wear without help to dress which at 33 years old quite honestly sucks!

Buttons have become my nightmare my hands just won't work well enough to do them up easily so I have begun to avoid half my wardrobe! Simply be recently sent me a few bits to try out for the summer, and I decided to focus on clothing suitable for my hands that wouldn't leave me stressed and a gibbering wreck.

My first outfit features a beautiful and simple top which I am dying to buy a new skirt to wear it with but today I teamed it with my gorgeous floral trousers from Very.

Trousers - Very (previous season)
Pink Brogues - Clarks (previous season)

This top is so simple to wear, no buttons or clasps not even a zip! Perfect for me to throw on without stressing and struggling. It also comes in a coral colour that is just perfect too, I would love to see it in back or purple colours I would live in them! 
I ordered this in a size 22 as I knew it would have no stretch and it is pretty spot on, any bigger and it wouldn't have worked for me. 

I have another outfit I put together for you which I will post on sunday most likely as I have a BBQ to go to tomorrow night. looking forward to a night out!

For all you readers out there who suffer from chronic pain, do you have any advice on clothing that works well for you. 

*Top provided for review free of charge, all words and opinions are my own. 


  1. I have pretty much abandoned anything but pjs and leggings with t shirts. Have swapped bras for vest tops (I'm pretty flat chested anyway lol). I occaisionally pull on a soft stretchy dress if I want to feel a bit dressed up but as I'm also very restricted with footwear - comfy flats and mostly slippers - I never really feel that I've achieved it. Dressing a painful body is quite a task. I've started investing in really pretty scarves and socks. Does make me feel a bit better dressed.

    Heather x

  2. I live in pull on dresses and leggings because of my Fibro. Anything with zips of buttons is no good for me, and I love soft clothes. On the wrong day wearing jeans will rub my skin red raw so I'm all about the comfort. x